Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Vehicle To Personal and Financial Freedom!

YSLM.HK is set to create waves around the MLM industry throughout the world especially with its founder, ZHANG JIAN's goal of becoming the World's richest person.  It is an undoubted fact that fairness and equality are virtues set by the founder of YSLM.HK .  No one can BUY IN levels of income in order to enjoy maximum daily earning capability.  You have to earn it in YSLM.HK .

ZHANG JIAN, founder of YSLM.HK is seen been interviewed by China CCTV.

His miraculous accomplishments are as follows:
* Achieved 16.8 billion dollars turnover in a year.
* 60 million members.
* 2000 CDTUP branches.
* Given gift 500 BMW, Land Rover, Porsche, Ferrari.
* Given gift 30,000 Motorcycles.
* Given gift 600,000 Iphones.
* Given gift 20 BMW in Malaysia.
* Target 1000 BMW in the future.